I am Woman (PSA)

The   “I AM A WOMAN” 2011 Public Service Announcement for UN Women Caribbean is universal in its scope, design and execution. The storytelling is simple and makes the clear point that violence against women means hurting the people that we love.

The PSA shows women of different ethnicities/races, ages, and accents validating their worth, their importance and right to exist in a life without abuse. The piece functions as one collective voice against gender violence. Women and girls in nurturing everyday situations look into the lens, and say frankly and directly “I AM A WOMAN”. The underlying subtext of their delivery says, “Don’t Hurt me because I’m valued and loved.”

The men in the lives of these women join them towards the end of the piece reinforcing the sentiments already expressed through their gestures of love, admiration and support for the women and girls in their lives.

The piece ends on the face of an affectionate fatherly figure who smiles while pecking and embracing his loved one, a loved one who we reveal to be Rihanna.

Poignant yet engaging, Rihanna recognizes that she is indeed a voice and face for voiceless and faceless women worldwide. The piece humanizes Rihanna, allowing the viewer to become more intimate with her. The PSA is timely, relevant and truly shows another method by which the pop star is able is heighten awareness around one of the most important social issues facing women today.