Diver Magazine

From  August 2006 to August 2012 James worked under Phil Nuytten in Vancouver, BC to art direct and manage the production of his publication, Diver Magazine. While Phil Nuytten directed his energy towards developing his submarines and technical diving equipment, James was granted total creative control of a multi-national publication. This included organizing subscriptions to distribution, media kits to ad management while independently managing the editorial content, editing images, and staying creative! Art directing the magazine while working with nature inspired a magazine with large bleeding images accompanied by clear legible copy.

30,000/ 68 Pages/ 8.125″x 10.375″/Web Printed Multi-National Distribution

DIVER January 2008 Cover

diver-physicalDiver Cameron CoverDIVER Cook IslandsDIVER Vol37 Issue3

DIVER Bali's Shipwreck


DIVER April 2007 Cover

DIVER Hitler's Titanic